Is there a way to calculate individual chapter use from the complete eBook downloads?

Downloading a complete book adds a count for each chapter in the book to the BR2 report – e.g. if you download a book with ten chapters it adds 10 to the chapter download count. We added this feature in response to feedback from users and it has proved to be very popular, with the result that many customers will have seen a large jump in BR2 totals from July 2013 onwards.
As part of the development, we consulted with COUNTER regarding the most appropriate way to track the usage of the whole eBook download. It was explained that BR1 is intended for publishers which offer the whole eBook download only, with no additional option to download individual chapters. BR2 is intended for publishers which offer chapter downloads only. Springer’s offering of both the full eBook download as well as chapter downloads provides a hybrid of these solutions. Therefore, in consultation with COUNTER, it was agreed to provide the BR2 report. Users have the choice to download individual chapters if they so desire, therefore, making the choice to download the full eBook, implies that the user intends to review all the chapters.
We appreciate and understand that this raises some questions, especially since comparing usage statistics prior to the launch of this feature is now limited. Please feel free to contact us directly regarding any further concerns or questions.

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