Do you have a SUSHI service?

Yes. For up to date details on how to connect with SUSHI please see our documentation on:

Please note that you need to supply values specific to your account to make the SUSHI request work.  They are:

E-mail:  This should be your email address.

Customer Reference:  This is a 10 digit ID, known as your Business Partner (BP), that can be found by going to  The number for your account will be displayed in parenthesis after your institution/account name.

The information below is current as of 15 June 2017:

The Springer SUSHI service enables our customers to download their COUNTER usage statistics for the Springer Link platform. Information on the SUSHI protocol is available from the NISO website, as is the schema and the WSDL.

Our endpoint is located at

Data can be retrieved by posting a valid SUSHI request like the sample included in this repository:

curl -d @sample_request.xml "" --header "content-type: text/xml"

In order to retrieve data for your organisation you need to know the Springer Business Partner ID of the organisation. This should be supplied as the value for the //CustomerReference/ID element in the request. Your email address should be supplied as the value for //Requestor/Email:


The report required should be requested using the ReportDefinition element:

<sus:ReportDefinition Name="JR1" Release="4">

The following report names are supported:


The only supported value for Release is 4.

Consortia admins looking to harvest data for their members can download a list of member business partner identifiers via the admin interface. Note that we do not support the combined CR1 report.

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