Deposit Account option

The Deposit account option offers institutions seamless access to a wide range of content on SpringerLink on a pay-per-view basis. A deposit account is set-up with an initial pre-paid deposit amount, (150 units minimum) and each applicable download is then charged against the pre-paid deposit.

Institutions can access Journal and eBook content on SpringerLink. If you are looking to find out what is included in a deposit account, please contact your Licensing manager for additional details.

Each organization must commit to a minimum deposit amount and each download will have a fixed/set price based on the Deposit Model contract terms.

Organizations will also receive monthly reports of their Springer usage under a deposit account. You will be notified when the remaining account balance falls below a pre-determined threshold. This is normally 10% of the opening balance. At any time the administrator can access reports on your deposit usage via the Admin Dashboard.

See also: Deposit account download deductions

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