Springer coupon and token codes

Coupon codes

Exclusive offers, special discounts, vouchers or discounted prices can be activated by redeeming our coupon codes. These coupon codes (vouchers or tokens) can be entered directly in the checkout process upon which your discount is applied immediately on eBooks and Books (as described in the individual coupon conditions). The coupon code is case-sensitive, so please make sure to enter your coupon code exactly as it is displayed.


How coupons are redeemed

After clicking on the buy button, please click on "Apply coupon code". Type in your coupon code in the provided box and click on "Verify".  

Your discount will be credited immediately. If the discount is not displayed, the selected title may not be included in the special sale. In this case, please check the promotion details or contact customerservice@springernature.com and provide the coupon code and the ISBN of the book you would like to order.



A Token is a promotional code, which enables selected groups (e.g. authors, society members) to benefit from exclusive book offers, or access to protected areas (e.g. Free trial access to journal content).

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