Contract reports

Contract reports are available on the Content page of the Librarian Portal.

The report is a list of the contracts that currently grant access to content on SpringerLink,, and in our databases such as SpringerMaterials and Nano. However, contracts that grant perpetual/retained access to SpringerLink content will not be included after the contract period is over. (The contract will be included in the list during the contract period, but not during the retention period.)


For information on historic licenses, and more details on active licenses, contact customer service.

The data in the report:

SpringerNature Business Partner IDYour institution's primary ID in our systems.
Contract numberThe identifier for the contract that grant access to the content.
Contract positionAn identifier for the material inside the contract. One contract can contain one or more positions.
Contract type

DEPO: Deposit contract

FDN: Foundation membership

GRA: Gratis

POS: Postpay shared membership

PRP: Prepay membership

PST: Postpay membership

SAM: Sample

SHS: Shared support membership

SUB: Subscription

SUP: Supporter membership

TRI: Trial

Contract start date
The first day that the contract gave access to the licensed content.
Contract end date
The last day that the contract will give access to the licensed content. "Continuing" means that the content will be accessible forever.
Material ID
A unique identifier for a group of content such as a journal, an eBook package, or a database.
TitleA brief description of the licensed content.
Content published from
Content that is published on or after this day can be accessed.
Content published to
Content that is published before or on this day can be accessed.
Access to Kanji abstract
Whether the contract grants access to Kanji translations of content abstracts. The translated abstracts are published on
If our metadata system cannot supply some information at the moment, we will make a comment here.


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