COUNTER usage reporting of’s articles on SpringerLink

Throughout 2023, Springer Nature has been gradually posting Nature journal content to the SpringerLink platform in addition to the presence of this content on the Nature platform.  The appearance of journal content from Springer, Nature, and other imprints has also been gradually upgraded to make it easier to use and to draw out the helpful features of both article pages and journal home pages.  Based on these changes, you will likely find usage of some Nature Publishing Group journal titles on 2023 COUNTER usage reports for the SpringerLink platform.


To get a complete view of the usage of Nature-branded content in 2023, we suggest the use of the TR_J1 report of licensed content, paired with a selection of all platforms for the year. (See Image 1 below.) Once this report is run, and a chosen metric such as Unique Item Requests has been isolated for the journals, a pivot table with the rows for title and platform, and values of the reporting period total, will yield a more accurate result.  (See Image 2 below.)


Image 1: COUNTER report selections


 A COUNTER 5 report with the selections TR_J1, All Platforms, and CSV file format. 



Image 2: Pivot table for Nature-branded content

 Pivot table for Nature-branded content.


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