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In general, authors will be asked to transfer the copyright of their article to the publisher (or grant the publisher exclusive publication and dissemination rights). This will ensure the widest possible protection and dissemination of information under copyright laws.

Please see details on how to submit your request to the Copyrights Clearance Center if you are looking for permissions request information to re-use material from a book or a journal.

If you are are unable to use this service or have other questions, please contact our journal permissions team for reuse of journal content or our book permissions team for reuse of book content.

Open access articles (in hybrid or fully open access journals) do not require you to transfer the copyright; the copyright remains with the authors. By opting for open access, you agree to publish your article under the Creative Commons Attribution License (as of January 16, 2012). Articles published before that date are subject to the Creative Commons Attribution Non-commercial License.

Visit Springer Nature’s copyright and piracy policies page if you need additional information.

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