Locate submission instructions for a Springer journal

Submission instructions, Editorial contacts and other information for authors can be found on a dedicated home page for each journal on our website: https://link.springer.com/.

Example: If you are interested in Journal of Geodesy:

Go to SpringerLink and look up the journal you are interested in by using the search box. Then, click on the journal to go to its home page:

On the right-hand side of the journal's home page (for most journals) you will find these links:

  • "Submission guidelines": This will allow you to read the submission guidelines for the specific journal and to upload your manuscript files.
  • "Manuscript editing services" : Additional offers to increase the quality of your article. 
  • "Ethics and Disclosures" about the journal.
  • "Open Access fees and funding": information about Open Access publishing in the respective journal. 
  • "Contact the journal": relevant contacts for each step of the publication process.
  • "Submit manuscript" This will allow you to go directly to the submission portal link for the journal.

For further help please contact author support

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