Data Security

Unrequested Password Reset Emails

If you receive an unrequested password reset email, please do not click on the link or reply as it may be a attempt to gain access to your account. Please contact our Customer Service Team with all the relevant details of the communication so we can investigate the matter.


Personal Data Emails

Please be aware that we will never contact customers by email or phone to ask them to provide personal data such as bank account information, credit card details or National Insurance number.


If you receive any communication of this nature which are presented as being from Springer Nature please do not respond with any information which is being requested, but instead let us know by contacting our Customer Service Team with all relevant details of the communication so we can investigate further.


However, we may occasionally ask you to confirm your date of birth as part of the customer verification check. The email will come from our dedicated Customer Data Verification team who use the email address:


For further information please see our dedicated page concerning phishing and spoofed emails.


Please be alert, we know some of our authors are receiving scam emails requesting payment for submissions. Always check the details with us if you are suspicious, please send to with a copy of any communication you have doubts about.

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