User access to SpringerLink and Springer for R&D content

Springer uses a variety of methods to authenticate access:

  • Access via IP recognition: A user accessing the site from within the IP range of a recognized SpringerLink customer will be able to access all content purchased by that institution without having to login to their account. To set-up IP addresses please contact us at

  • Access via personal login: A user can have their own personal Springer account associated with your organization account. This will allow the user to login and access your content from anywhere. To set up see: How do I associate users / set up remote access via a login account?

  • Access via http referrer: The site allows institutions/organizations to provide partner sites with the capability of HTTP referrer so that partner sites and societies can access the same content as the referring institutions/organizations.

  • Login via Shibboleth or Athens:

  • Access via proxy:institutions need to set up a proxy server (EZproxy is a common example) on their side, and the proxy IP is added to their institutional account at Springer.

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