Fees for publishing in an "Open Choice" Journal

A large number of subscription based journals are in the Springer "Open Choice" program.

This means you have the option of publishing under the traditional subscription based model where you won't need to pay a publishing fee OR you can choose to publish your article open access:

  • In addition to the normal publication process (whereby an article is submitted to the journal and access to that article is granted to customers who have purchased a subscription), Springer provides an alternative publishing option: Springer Open Choice. A Springer Open Choice article receives all the benefits of a regular subscription-based article, but in addition is made available publicly through Springer’s online platform SpringerLink.
  • Upon acceptance of your article you will receive a link to the special Author Query Application at Springer’s web page where you can sign the Copyright Transfer Statement online and indicate whether you wish to order OpenChoice, offprints, or printing of figures in color. Once the Author Query Application has been completed, your article will be processed and you will receive the proofs.
  • Publishing Open Choice articles involves an open access publication fee which varies per journal (a full list is available here). You can choose to pay by credit card or to receive an invoice.
  • The open access publication fee does not replace any other existing journal publication costs, which are billed separately (e.g. surcharges for color figures in print, oversized articles, etc.).

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