SpringerLink platform security

We have a robust system that is fully resilient, with data being replicated across multiple locations. We have also been subject to 2 penetration tests, both of which only raised minor issues.

SpringerLink is hosted in 2 major data centers in Europe, both that are protected by firewall and other infrastructure tiers between the public internet and the application environment. This offers resiliency between data centers. Within each data center, each system component in itself operates either a cluster or resilient pair, further improving resiliency and availability. We use multiple Content Distribution Networks (CDN's) to distribute and accelerate our site, which also provides a level of resiliency against high traffic spikes and the majority of DDoS attacks.

All data used within the system is validated and virus checked. Our content is distributed across 4 separate locations – 3 in Europe and one in the US. All data critical to the operation of the site is back-end up and stored at a secure off-site location, although with our multi data center strategy it is exceptionally unlikely that we would need to revert to an off-site backup.

We operate to an uptime target of 99.9% which we have consistently exceeded since our launch.

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