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Users are able to export citations for articles, chapters, reference work entries and protocols in: .RIS/.ENW/.BIB formats. We do not currently offer the export citation functionality at book level, but if you navigate to a chapter level you will then be able to export the chapters citation. It is something we may offer in the future; however, we don't have any firm plans for it at this time.

Note, we are currently evaluating a new page design for SpringerLink in order to align it with our other sites: Nature.com and BioMed Central. The new page design for journal articles only incorporates the most widely used citation file, .RIS, which is compatible with a wide range of reference manager applications. Since this is currently in the test phase, some users may see the current version and others may see the test version. Also, this new page design does not apply to books/book chapters. 

Our citations files are computer generated from our published xml. They are offered as an aid to author's writing, but they may require editing in a text editor or reference manager application to suit the individual purpose of the author.

The snapshot of the example in the solution article looks different than what currently appears on SpringerLink now for it. The ‘Cite As’ section appears at the top of the Content Page for the example:

If you click on ‘cite this paper’ customers are directed to the bottom of the page with that information.

We currently do not have a batch download service for .RIS citation files on SpringerLink, however we do send metadata for everything we publish to CrossRef. You can get .RIS format citations, along with other formats, from CrossRef - all you need are the DOIs of the works. A csv file of the first 1000 results of any search on Springerlink can be downloaded, and the resulting csv file will contain a column "Item DOI" which can then be used with the prefix https://doi.org/ to retrieve the citations from CrossRef (https://citation.crosscite.org/docs.html

It is not currently possible to export multiple entries to EndNote. We can only export one entry to EndNote at a time and not on the result pages. You will need to open each page to export each EndNote entry.

If you are interested in .BIB,  all of our published content is indexed by CrossRef. CrossRef is able to provide an excellent API capable of producing Bibtex records for all content they hold (regardless of publisher). 

If you have further questions, please contact author support

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