Journal denials

The Journal denials list in the Librarian Portal is based on COUNTER 5 Title Report (TR) usage data, specifically the No_License metric type.

The aggregate is for all journal content on Springer Nature’s reading platform, plus for Springer Nature’s journal content on ResearchGate.

The list shows the journals that your patrons were denied access to in the past 24 months. Some journals might be licensed since the denial happened. Check the licence status on SpringerLink or for each journal.

To understand which copyright years / years of publication the denied content was from:

  1. Go to the COUNTER 5 download page in the Librarian Portal
  2. Select “Title report”, then “Custom Filtered Title Master Report”
  3. Under “Metric_Type”, select “No_License”
  4. Under “Elements and columns”, select “Include element YOP”
  5. Under “Reporting Period”, in the “From” field, enter the month that was 2 years ago
  6. Download and open the report
  7. Look at the “Reporting_Period_Total” column in combination with the “YOP” column for each journal

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