What is the Full book download feature?

Current trends show that the use of tablets and other mobile devices on SpringerLink and Springer for R&D is growing exponentially. SpringerLink and Springer for R&D support any device by automatically adjusting the site-setup that is optimal for the screen size of the device that is used to visit the site. Particularly on tablets and mobile devices the users prefer to get whole books.

The ‘full book download functionality’ on SpringerLink and Springer for R&D is in response to the high demand for this feature by our authors, researchers and our library customers. The functionality allows users to download all chapters of a book in one go. Next to this feature, users can view an eBook on SpringerLink and Springer for R&D through the Look Inside, and download the individual chapters as PDF and or HTML format. The chapter level and full book PDF is available to subscribed users without restrictions. The Look Inside always shows some sample pages to unsubscribed users, and the full chapter to subscribed users.

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